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to get a new hair stylist

The title is misleading. First of all, I didn't choose to get a new hair stylist, she decided to fall in love with a New Zealander who is tied to the sea and she left me. I am happy for her and a teensy bit jealous, New Zealand remains my Mecca. I will get there one day. But I am waiting until I have at least a month available to go and immerse myself in island life.

The second reason that the title is misleading is because I feel pretentious saying that I have a hair stylist but the correct terminology keeps changing and hair dresser has gone the way of stewardess (please stop saying stewardess!).

The third and final reason the title is misleading is because I'm freaked out. The title suggests, yay a new experience when it's more tentative like ooh a new experience let's tip toe slowly into this. I've talked in the past about how important it is to have someone competent cutting your hair. And I also spoke about how I've had an absolutely gorgeous woman give m…

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