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to carry on a family tradition

Part of what makes a large family unique are the vacations. While friends would go to far off an exotic places, we returned as a large troop to the same family getaway year after year in the summer. I get it now, traveling is expensive and I cannot imagine doing it with children. My sister went to Disney with her 5 kids recently and I thought, that trip could have bought us a new truck. But it is important to get away and make memories with your family, which is why I love road trips.

Well, love and short-term-memory loss might go hand in hand with this one. I enjoy the preparation and am in the process right now of not being so "destination driven", learning to relax and enjoy the ride. What I like most about road trips now is that I can bring whatever I want along with me. I may have told you in a previous post that we were often encouraged to pack as light as possible as children. It makes sense, 10 suitcases crammed into the back of a van take up a lot of space. But now …

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