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c'est vendredi!

I'm a French teacher now. I love French, and have a found a little niche here in the Core French world. I am sort of made for this position. Lots of change, lots of people, lots of performing. It is quite the gig.  This is a job for someone who enjoys doing at a fast pace all day, every day. I'm enjoying it.

I work at a couple of schools with some at-risk kiddos. It is trying some days, heart-breaking occasionally, and eye-opening regularly. I learned in my mediation training to know that some behaviour is shocking but to not be shocked by it. It was an invaluable lesson for this season of my life. It's only November and some of the stories I have already would make you fall off your chair laughing, or reduce you to tears in seconds. Those are the ones that are locked behind closed doors. If I could find the issue for each of the struggling kids and love it out of them I probably would, but we are complex creatures and simple answers don't exist for anyone.

We had just…

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